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Healthcare is one of the industries that has been dramatically transformed by digital technologies. In Australia and New Zealand in particular, consumers of healthcare services have more choices and as a result, have come to expect a more personalized experience—one that mirrors the type of interactions they have when engaging with other digital businesses.

Bupa, one of the world’s leading healthcare companies, recognized that it needed to transform to achieve dual business outcomes: be an effective champion for customers, and enable and inspire its employees.

Avanade Advisory partnered with Bupa to drive transformation across multiple areas and accelerate its journey toward a more digital business, keeping people’s needs at the center. Avanade supported Bupa’s customer experience and personalization program to deliver the right message to the right members at the right time—and through the right channel. And then it used the same principles to help empower Bupa’s employees.

Avanade also helped Bupa set up future-ready enterprise IT architectures and define key digital building blocks to ensure successful business outcomes for years to come.

By applying purpose-driven, human-centered and customer-centric principles to their business, Bupa has created sustainable value while also improving cost efficiency, productivity and growth.

“Our customers aren’t comparing us to our competitors, but rather with the customer experience they get from banks, travel agencies and the likes of Amazon and Airbnb. The customer looks for whatever the best experience is in the market, regardless of industry, and they expect Bupa to do the same thing.”

Sami Yalavac CIO, Bupa Australia and New Zealand

Business consulting

We know digital transformation is hard. It involves changing the way people work and the way customers experience your organization. It requires thinking in new ways and challenging yourself, your team and business.

But it’s so worth it! Digitizing your processes to operate more efficiently and create better experiences for customers and employees is essential for you to remain competitive.

At the same time, you need to assess new business models and offerings that will enable your organization to avoid disruption and thrive in the interconnected digital ecosystems of the future.

Avanade Advisory’s strategy, design and technology capabilities help you develop practical strategies that drive value now. And we co-create and test innovative ideas so your organization and your people remain relevant for years to come.

How do we do it? We put people first in the equation. Our team is passionate, entrepreneurial and results-driven. They see the human impact technologies can have on our clients, their customers and their employees. They also bring to bear broad expertise from across our digital innovation ecosystem, which includes Microsoft, Accenture and MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research.

In need of a human-centered approach to digital transformation? We have you covered. And we’re ready to start right now.


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When the power of people meets the Microsoft ecosystem, that’s Avanade. That’s #humanimpact.

We think innovation and inspiration go hand-in-hand to ensure you feel confident on your digital transformation journey. Our goal is simple: bring our unparalleled expertise on the Microsoft platform to make a genuine impact on you, your customers and your employees.

At Avanade, it starts with the power of people. We’ve brought together a diverse team with an unrivaled combination of business insight, innovation and technical knowledge on the Microsoft ecosystem.

Together with Accenture we bring to bear the largest team of Microsoft-skilled resources with 35,000 professionals across the world. And we’ve worked on more than 10,000 projects at 4,000 clients.

Working with you, our team can help you imagine (and implement!) the Art of the Possible. Whether it be envisioning the future state of your business; creating a digital workplace that enables your employees to collaborate and thrive; or making it easier for your customers to get what they need, when they need it, we’re here to help.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say.

How are we different?

When the power of people meets the Microsoft ecosystem, that’s Avanade. That’s #humanimpact.


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