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Learn how we do what matters for the environment, society and as a responsible business.

Building a more sustainable future

The growth of artificial intelligence over the course of 2023 has offered glimpses of a new, brighter world – one where human innovation is fuelled by the power of AI co-pilots. Yet we’ve also dealt with a series of devastating events across the globe, from the ongoing war in Ukraine and conflict in the Middle East to the catastrophic impacts of climate change and natural disasters.

As we continue to face these challenges, our purpose at Avanade hasn’t changed: to make a genuine human impact for our employees, clients and communities. We do this by upholding commitments to environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards that help us advance our goals as a responsible business with transparency and accountability.

Our approach as a responsible business

We have aligned our ESG commitments and responsible business priorities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), the global framework for driving progress towards a more sustainable future.


To make the biggest impact on our environment, in our society and within our own organisation, we are closely aligned with the eight UN SDGs most relevant to our business.  

Using each of these SDGs as a guidepost, we aim to amplify our efforts as a responsible business through strong partnerships with our people, non-profit organisations, partners and with our clients. 

Helping clients meet sustainability goals

We build solutions so organisations can monitor and report on their sustainability agendas.

Empowering the next generation

We work to create a world where young people have access to technology they need to thrive.

Leading for the future with Responsible AI

We draw from our deep experience to develop frameworks for adopting AI responsibly.

2023 Avanade ESG Annual Report

Learn how we’ve made a genuine human impact for our people, clients and communities this year, and what we’re doing to fulfil our commitments as a responsible business.

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