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The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a global humanitarian organisation that serves clients in need during times of crisis or conflict. It helps to educate communities, children and adults with digital literacy, and also resettles people in new locations to help them get back on their feet. Digital transformation has become increasingly important to the IRC as it continues to grow and needs real-time visibility to data across the world.

The IRC found an opportunity to improve the process of providing direct financial assistance to help resettle refugees and asylum seekers in the U.S. For its new request process, it needed a simpler interface for case workers and others to use who may not be experienced in accounting.

“It empowers case workers who are out there on the road on a regular basis, meeting with their clients and beneficiaries who have gone through trauma. The last thing they want to do after a long and emotionally exhausting day is to go back to the office to fill out paperwork. What we’re trying to as we continue to evolve is to make their days easier – at least on the technology front.”

Rachael Stewart Global ERP Director, IRC


Avanade helped the IRC build a new portal where users can enter information using a mobile app on a phone or tablet to request a payment rather than having to go into the ERP system. This will allow case workers to more quickly service refugees and increase payment requests for more people.


By delivering funds to those in need more quickly and efficiently, the IRC is bettering its ability to serve a larger range of people and making things easier for its beneficiaries as they try to recover from a difficult situation.

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