Leading private equity firm automates analytics in the cloud to save days of work

Business Situation

When this leading private equity firm wanted to use the cloud to optimise its business operations, it partnered with Avanade to define a Microsoft-based digital transformation. During a design-led advisory phase to build out its transformation roadmap, the firm identified a need to move its manual data analytics processes into the cloud to increase efficiency and insights through automation. The power, pricing and security of Microsoft Azure means its employees spend significantly less time inputting, organising and analysing portfolio data and more time providing quality service to their clients.


Avanade delivered this solution in multiple phases:

  1. Mapped key metrics and reports to their source files
  2. Migrated all data – including all metadata – from existing spreadsheets onto the new platform
  3. Created an end-to-end process for spreadsheet intake, curation, transformation and publication to the Azure platform
  4. Developed a custom suite of reporting and analysis tools using Microsoft Power BI


  • Data has been imported, transformed and centrally stored for automated testing and analysis, making thousands of manual spreadsheets obsolete
  • Employees can now process financial data and generate key business reports from any number of portfolios and dates in just 20 minutes rather than the hours or days it previously required
  • There is now fully automated data extraction and upload for new portfolios, and automated reporting on portfolio performance
  • A 24/7 interactive dashboard in Power BI, which includes customised charts and tables for different personas, gives clear visualisation of insights and analytics
  • The move to the cloud has made a large, on-premises database unnecessary, saving the firm significant costs

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