Studio 100 improves employee engagement with ERP upgrade

Business Situation

Studio 100 is built on creativity and grows through the power of imagination. Based in Belgium — with operations around the world — the company produces popular television series and theatre productions for children, as well as TV, musicals and stage shows aimed at teenagers and adults.

Behind the scenes, however, Studio 100’s ERP needed more than a simple costume change to help facilitate this growth. The Microsoft Dynamics axe 4.0 platform, implemented by Avanade in 2008, had reached its end of life and could no longer be updated. Additionally, the on-premises infrastructure couldn’t be accessed by creative teams on location in an easy way. In some cases, production and labour costs couldn’t be submitted until long after a project had wrapped, making accurate budgeting difficult and slowing expense approvals and payouts. Studio 100 needed a tool that could perform these functions in real time.

The company knew that it was time for a major overhaul of its core system and wanted a single solution that could meet its needs while prioritising user-friendliness and accessibility. After evaluating several solutions, Studio 100 decided that Microsoft Dynamics 365 was the best platform available. It was confident that Avanade could do the job right, thanks to our 10-year relationship and extensive experience leading digital transformation projects for clients across multiple industries.


Studio 100’s new Dynamics 365 platform will primarily be used by the finance, procurement, supply chain and sales teams, but will also make life easier for creative users in the field by allowing them to submit purchase requisitions and expenses on the fly.

The platform is also easily scalable for future growth. As Studio 100 acquires more companies, these companies can be quickly integrated into the same central system for increased visibility and efficient operations.

“We look for parties that think like us and are proactively thinking up solutions tailor-made for us. Avanade has succeeded in performing this way over the past years, and we were very pleased with that.”

Peter Kips Functional Analyst, Studio 100


Upon launch, Studio 100’s Dynamics 365 platform will be used by nearly two-thirds of its 200-plus employees and will provide the capabilities and user-friendliness the company has been seeking. While Studio 100 will always maintain a hybrid-cloud environment — it prefers to keep much of its content stored locally — the company believes this project will be a stepping stone to doing more business in the cloud. This will help it boost operational agility, increase insight and become a more intelligent enterprise.

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