Avanade shares modern insights on leading frictionless experience-driven commerce

This on-demand webinar features Avanade speakers Dan Goldenbaum, Director, Solution Architecture, and Tara Beaton, Adobe Business Lead, who discuss how B2B organisations can modernise their platforms to deliver highly relevant and personalised experiences with experience-driven commerce to drive B2B profitability, increase customer loyalty, increase secondary and repeat purchases, and reduce churn. Key takeaways include:

  • Understand how shifts in business buyer demographics have reshaped expectations and what that means for your organisation
  • Reduce points of friction in the business buying journey to increase loyalty and drive sales
  • Increase your brand’s relevance to potential business buyers through omnichannel personalised and relevant content
  • Investments will also drive increased purchase order value, increase the frequency of purchase, and create increased loyalty amongst your customers with increased internal operational efficiency and scale, too.

Watch now to learn how you can accelerate transformation in your organisation today.

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Tara Beaton Author Bio

Tara Beaton
Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Lead, NA

Tara leverages her deep expertise in Adobe’s platform to evangelise the business value of investments in customer experience. Throughout her career she has advised her clients on opportunities to grow revenue and increase market share & reach through effective digital marketing strategy and execution. Her goal is always to maximise ROI for her clients and their customers. She has diverse industry experience and brings a customer lens to every conversation.


Dan Goldenbaum Author Bio

Dan GoldenBaum
Digital Marketing Solution Architect

As a Digital Marketing Solution Architect for Avanade, Dan drives Adobe opportunities through client consultation and business-focused solution architecture. Dan has 20+ years’ experience building web-based digital products with Adobe, Microsoft & Open-Source technologies. With a background in Web, Marketing Automation & Digital Strategy, Dan strives to deliver customer experiences that are personalised, timely & relevant.


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