How can I lead great workshops now that my team are working remotely?

This is what many managers and organisations will be asking themselves as we begin to adapt to the new normal of remote working.

And in the world of regular remote working, we don't want to be settling for workshops that just fill the time, we want (and need) them to be effective, creative and engaging, perhaps even more so than when we could rely on face-to-face sessions.

This on demand webinar will explain what methods like design-led thinking are, why we use them to create great workshops, and how to effectively manage these sessions in a remote setting.

There will be demonstrations of different online tools, top tips and things to avoid.

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Martin Harper

Martin Harper
UKI Innovation Lead

As UKI Innovation Lead, Martin combines business strategy, emerging technologies and human-centred design to look ahead for solutions that will move the needle across our clients' industries.

Since joining Avanade in 2017, Martin has partnered with clients on a broad spectrum of projects, from Digital Strategy and UX Design, through to Change Enablement and Mixed Reality app development.


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