The Future of Asset Management

Take advantage of the huge opportunities for Asset and Wealth Management firms

We can help you:

  • Increase the size and number of assets under management (AuM).
  • Deepen your presence in lucrative new markets.
  • Harness a more sustainable approach, investing in greener, more ethical interests.
  • Expand and remain efficient, focusing on long-term growth and a well-managed cost base.

Technology is a key enabler

Asset and wealth management firms often suffer from ad hoc processes, siloed client data and inflexible non-enterprise software, making it difficult to take full advantage of any growth opportunities.
Our expertise in applying technology across the asset management sector means we understand your business drivers and appreciate the unique challenges of legacy IT. We know how to improve employee collaboration and help you rethink the client experience.

How Avanade can help

Leveraging a single, integrated Microsoft ecosystem, we help leading Asset and Wealth Management firms hone their digital strategy, alleviating the pressures of industry-wide problems.
Building on a solid and scalable technology foundation, our solutions offer transparent insights and data services, robust, evergreen security updates, and the agility (and simplicity) to seize split-second investment opportunities.

“Employees can now generate key business reports in just 20 minutes rather than the hours or days.”

European Private Equity firm

Delivering the tech investment your bank needs

Streamline your tech and see major efficiency gains

COVID-19 has made a tragic and terrible impact across the globe. But for sell-side firms, Covid has brought an unexpected upturn, with revenues at near-record levels. So how can you take full advantage of the surging market? Making sure your technology is fit for purpose is a good place to start.

You’re looking for:

  • A cohesive, integrated system, one that works seamlessly and speedily ¬– and doesn’t require time-consuming admin or costly maintenance.
  • Easy-to-navigate data insights at your fingertips, ironing out operational inefficiencies and boosting profitability.
  • A tech platform that inspires confidence in your customers and employees, offering them a modern, user-friendly trading interface.

How Avanade can help

Our dedicated Capital Markets practice leverages our 20-year history of partnering with top-tier capital markets firms, investment banks, exchanges and wealth managers, and will continue our commitment to driving growth and innovation for our clients and the industry.
The creation of our dedicated capital markets practice leverages Infusion’s 20-year history of partnering with top-tier capital markets firms, investment banks, exchanges and wealth managers, and will continue our commitment to driving growth and innovation for our clients and the industry.
Forecasting the future of capital markets

We’re problem solvers and strategists

Our industry-leading teams create tailored solutions, from developing highly secure real-time trading systems to providing data and critical insights into their businesses.

Avanade’s solutions address your business’ critical areas, including:

  • Client experience
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk management
  • Market data
  • Trading across all asset classes

Avanade is redefining the future of the capital markets, helping investment banks get ahead with creative tech solutions.
Harnessing an integrated Microsoft ecosystem, we offer scalable and secure solutions that deliver blink-of-an-eye data insights via a seamless, user-friendly interface.

We’ve been working with the Capital Markets industry for over 20 years.

Industry solutions that deliver tangible results for your business
We’re helping the world’s biggest investment banks drive transformation through people, design, insights and technology. From trade execution to risk management and regulatory compliance, our business solutions help clients in various sub-sectors and across all asset classes.

Client Experience:
UX Design, digital strategy

Trading Modernisation:
Custom trading applications and tooling

Agent/Broker 360:
Digital UX, data consolidation and analytics

Regulatory Compliance:
MiFid II

Single Dealer Platforms:
Cross-asset trading

Trading Electronification:
RPA, predictive analytics, algorithms, and distribution


Capital Markets Infusion Practice

Avanade is the digital architect of tomorrow’s capital markets, providing practical solutions for real business outcomes to redefine the capital markets industry.


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