Rethinking AI for business resilience

More than ever, organisations are relying on artificial intelligence to bring them efficiency, productivity gains and a return on investment. In uncertain times, AI has become a powerful differentiator for both smaller agile organisations and larger enterprises that have the spending power to digitally transform. Regardless of the starting point, the path ahead will not be linear. Organisations will need to rethink how they respond, reset and renew their business with AI at the centre for continuity, resilience and growth.

Understanding your AI maturity

Avanade’s AI Maturity research was designed to help understand organisation progress against five categories: AI Strategy, AI Talent and Culture, Digital Ethics, Data Supply Chain and Analytics and AI Technology and Process. Access and download the reports below.

AI Maturity Workshops

Want to build your AI Maturity for business resilience and growth?

In uncertain times, AI has become a powerful differentiator for organisations. If you're looking to leap ahead, consider engaging with Avanade to deepen your AI expertise and drive business results today.

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AI and Analytics Solutions

Avanade’s Analytics and AI services can help you achieve your vision for the future.

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