Do what matters for your business: unlock value from all your data in the cloud

Data is the driving force of the digital era. But when data is locked in legacy systems, organizations miss out on its value and can’t realize many of the benefits of the cloud—including flexibility, efficiencies, security and reduced costs. The success of your digital transformation journey will depend on how well you can harness insights from data.

Avanade created the Azure Data Migration Factory designed in collaboration with Microsoft to provide clients with a comprehensive approach to rapidly move applications, data and infrastructure to an enterprise-ready cloud. With a stronger data foundation in the cloud, you can find the insights, efficiencies, and opportunities that differentiate and grow your business.

No security fixes or updates leaving you vulnerable to attacks from any new, enhanced or emerging security threat

Increase employee productivity by more than 20%

Realize up to 30% reduction in IT spend

Faster insights from your data to accelerate data-driven decision-making

Migration pathways to Azure

You can unlock data silos and ensure your entire data landscape is accessible and addressable by migrating data to Azure cloud. Our Azure Data Migration Factory model is established to build, automate, and optimize data migration pathways to the Azure platform.

Avanade helps clients push beyond “mere migration”of data and pursue a combined, consistent migration-plus-modernization strategy. We help clients realize business value through data modernization offerings that enable new customer experiences, intelligence-infused ways of working, and artificial intelligence at scale. And we can help you manage and evolve your data estate once in the cloud.

Migration pathways to Azure

Migration pathways include:

  • Oracle to PostgreSQL, Azure Synapse, Azure SQL MI
  • SQL Server to SQL PaaS, Synapse, SQL MI, Snowflake on Azure
  • Hadoop to Azure Synapse, Azure Databricks, and HDInsight
  • Netezza to Azure Synapse
  • Teradata to Azure Synapse
  • Other data sources include: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Mongo DB

Why choose Avanade for data migration and modernization?

  • 200+ migration resources – including accelerators, tools, cookbooks and guides – that can reduce the time and cost of moving your data to the cloud
  • Hundreds of factory-powered client migrations
  • More certified professionals for Microsoft Azure than any other Microsoft partner
  • 18-time winner of Microsoft Global Sytems Integrator (GSI) Partner of the Year Award - more than any other partner
  • Partnerships with leaders in data migration and modernization, including Databricks, Unravel and Qlik
  • 2022 Databricks Global Partner of the Year, for the 4th year in a row
  • 7-time recipient of regional Databricks Partner of the Year awards
  • 1,500+ Databricks Engineers trained, 30+ Databricks Technical Champions
  • 4,200+ data, business excellence and automation experts
  • 4000+ Azure Data & AI specialists, covering engineering, data science, solution, and more
  • 400+ AI practitioners

Microsoft Partner of the Year

Learn what’s possible with migrated and modernized data in our white paper

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