Avanade azure Databricks synapse Pov

You may not know what business disruption or market upheaval is next, but you know that you need to be ready for it. To face whatever lies ahead, you need to make the best, data-driven decisions, based on the most timely, accurate insights you can gain from your data.

Many organisations turn to Azure Databricks or Azure Synapse to harness data-driven insights. Each platform service provides data and analytical capabilities that organisations can use to generate insights that create value. That’s led some businesses to think they must decide between either Azure Databricks or Azure Synapse.

In fact, Azure Databricks and Synapse are complementary, not competitive. Together, they’re a modern, optimised and flexible enterprise platform core that is used by industry-leading organisations for a broad range of analytical and AI needs: across data engineering, streaming, data science and machine learning, SQL analytics, as well as enterprise and local reporting, and dashboarding.

Download the POV to learn how you can evolve your data strategy to leverage both Databricks and Synapse, gaining greater agility, cost effectiveness, and lasting value for your business.

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