Turn your business processes from “outdated” to “automated”

Organisations worldwide are rethinking ways to accelerate digital transformation and avoid disruption. Automation expands the possibilities to truly reimagine how businesses operate. Done right, automation can help build a human-centric experience in the workplace, where people are more empowered to do more important work. To achieve maximum value, intelligent business process automation must not only reduce overall operating costs – it also has to be able to scale across the enterprise.

Intelligent business process automation has evolved to incorporate several approaches that solve business problems – whether at the task, process, or enterprise-wide scale.

Robotic process automation is designed to handle those repetitive and routine tasks found inside most business processes so employees can focus on higher-value, more rewarding work. RPA can help you build more efficient operations and a better experience for employees and customers.

Intelligent automation augments robotic process automation with artificial intelligence (AI). With intelligent automation, businesses can reduce inconsistent processes, accurately predict demand fluctuations, and rapidly adjust without manual intervention. Speed and scale can come from harnessing the cloud, creating continuous automation and reducing error rates in those processes.

Explore the evolution of enterprise automation and the benefits Power Automate, the powerful yet simple-to-use automation suite.

Power up intelligent business process automation with Power Automate

To get the most from your automation efforts, move existing automations to Power Automate, Microsoft’s powerful but easy-to-use automation solution. Our automation migration kit, built with our partners with Blueprint Software Systems and Microsoft, can simplify and consolidate your migrations quickly and for 70% less cost compared to manual migration.

Realise up to 50% potential savings total cost of ownership and deploy up to 25% percent faster once automations are migrated. Further leverage the Microsoft technology with the comprehensive Power Platform – fusing together AI, workflow, integration, API automation, and robotic process automation – alongside Azure Services, including cognitive services tools. Learn more.

“We see a lot of opportunities to optimise processes. That way our people are relieved from repetitive routine tasks and they will really have free hands for the very important and core topics of a tax adviser.”

“We were experiencing double-digit growth for several years. The backlog just continued to grow as a result. Eventually you can’t just continue hiring more people to handle to the work. That’s when we started looking at automation.”

The benefits of intelligent business process automation

At Avanade, we focus on automation that provides the most benefits with the lowest cost and least disruption. We can help you unlock value from your automation platform:

  • Increase automation business value by 5x
  • Deploy enterprise automations 35% faster
  • Accelerate platform migration cost 70%
  • Reduce average handling time by 45%
  • Achieve ERP automation ROI in less than 6 months
  • Speed customer service and sales case management by 54x
  • Reduce automation TCO by up to 50% on Power Automate
  • Deploy up to 25% faster on Power Automate

A step-by-step approach to intelligent automation

The right Intelligent Automation technology ecosystem fuses Artificial Intelligence, RPA and Digital Process Automation (DPA). Implementing and managing it all takes expertise. To achieve automation success at scale, you need the right technology ecosystem, the right domain experts, and the right automation governance.

We can analyse your existing automation estate and help you on your intelligent automation journey with:

  • Rapid cost takeout: We can help you immediately start your TCO savings by migrating your existing automation estate over to Microsoft in weeks.
  • Enabling employees: Identify opportunities to shift employees to higher-value processes for your organisation.
  • Optimised technology: Build a strong foundation for broader automation.
  • Operational transformation: And, finally, we’ll help make your automated enterprise a reality.

Global expertise in intelligent automation at scale

Together with Accenture, we give you access to intelligent automation capabilities at scale. Onshore, nearshore and offshore. Either as a project or as part of a managed service. We run automation migration factories staffed in locations around the world. We have:

  • Completed 6,000-plus successful automations for over 350 clients across a range of industries
  • 4,200-plus business excellence and automation experts, including 1,250 supported by an industrialised automation factory
  • 400 AI practitioners
  • 1,000 data engineers
  • Partnerships with the leading intelligent automation technology providers
  • More certified professionals for Microsoft Azure than any other Microsoft partner
  • 17-time award winner of the Microsoft Global SI Alliance Partner of the Year – more than any other partner
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