Help your people feel inspired, cared for and confident

Uncertainty creates stress and resistance. Our Organisational Change Management practitioners specialise in helping employees understand and adopt new ways of working powered by the Microsoft ecosystem. Avanade’s human-centred approach weaves the latest design thinking techniques with agile methods, analytical insights, and deep digital technology expertise, to optimise employee experience and productivity throughout the journey from awareness to adoption.

Our services help ready your business and your people for the future.

  • Journey from Awareness to Adoption: Use a custom change-management program to support you every step of the way along your journey of human-centred transformation.
  • Enterprise Change Management: Gain a consistent yet tailored OCM strategy and approach for each of your digital transformation projects.
  • Content Design and Development: Put tailored, dynamic and reusable communications and training content to use when and where you need them.
  • Enable Cultural Transformation: Activate key levers of culture to activate an organisation al model that aligns with your business needs, goals – and success.
  • CX + EX = ROI+: Guide your transformation with people-centric and data-driven insights that drive better CX, EX, competitive advantage and more.
  • Workplace Automation & AI: Use data and analytics to improve your efficiency and performance as you transform from “doing digital” to being fully digital.

“It’s about picking the right partner to work with us pragmatically – and Avanade has been great in that respect.”

Robert Pickering Head of IT, Open Universities Australia

Our approach will accelerate your digital readiness

Our DNA is digital, so we bring the best expertise and insights to future-ready your business, including organisational design, Agile@Scale, leadership coaching, workplace experience transformation and digital culture enablement capabilities. One of Avanade’s core values is “Everyone Counts,” and with offices in 24 countries, our human-centred methodologies will accelerate the digital readiness of your organisation and people globally.

We understand that employee experience  drives customer experience. That’s why our Organisational Change Management practitioners work closely with our Studio Experience Design team to help you align your organisation and the capabilities of your people with your customer experience vision.

Our services can help get your business and your people ready for the future.

  • Organisational Transformation: Reimagine your organisation to thrive in the interconnected digital ecosystems of the future.
  • Workplace Experience: Redefine the workplace as a creator of sustainable value.
  • Employee Experience Transformation: From productivity and efficiency to talent retention, innovation and growth — it starts with your employees.
  • Digital Culture Enablement: Accelerate the digital readiness of your leadership and people through coaching and learning.
  • Agile@Scale: Establish a flexible workforce and optimise innovation by extending agile beyond the IT function.
  • Customer Experience Readiness: Assess the capability of your people and processes to deliver great customer experience.
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