Digital technologies are redefining innovation and the importance of Employee Experience (EX) (episode 1 of 2).

Research scientists Dr. Kristine Dery and Dr. Nils Fonstad from MIT’s Centre for Information Systems Research (CISR) talk to David Carmichael, Avanade Solutions & Industry Marketing Executive, about how digital is changing the world of work and how it’s become a key driver for innovation. They take a look at the different areas of digital innovation and how it’s impacting businesses today. Research from MIT CISR shows that investing in Employee Experience (EX) doubles customer satisfaction and innovation and leads to 26% more profitability. Dr. Dery and Dr. Fonstad explore the correlation between EX and CX (Customer Experience) further and reveal more interesting stats. This and much more on this first of two podcast episodes.
Please access MIT CISR research as a guest of Avanade here:

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David Carmichael
Global Solutions & Industry Marketing Executive, Avanade

Currently leading global marketing across a variety of functions and a portfolio of Solutions, Industry, Partners & Alliances and Advisory Services. Span includes Workplace, Applications, Cloud, ERP, CRM, AI and Analytics. Industry focus areas include Retail, Banking, Health, Insurance, Consumer Goods and Utilities.

Featured Guests


Dr. Kristine Dery
Research Scientist, MIT Sloan School of Management

As a Research Scientist, I am focussed on understanding how technology impacts the workplace. In particular I am interested in the impact of mobile connectivity and new work practices. This research forms part of a portfolio of IS research conducted by the Centre for Information Systems (CISR) at MIT Sloan School of Management building and enhancing the research of this group. In this context I work closely with the CISR corporate sponsors in Australia in both furthering the research of CISR and delivering customised seminars and executive education for both their employees and other stakeholders.

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Dr. Nils Fonstad
Research Scientist, MIT Centre for Information Systems Research (MIT CISR)

In collaboration with the MIT CISR research community, I am responsible for both fostering relations with organisations from Europe and Latin America and conducting field-based research on how firms maximise business value and minimise risks from digitisation.

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Building business value with employee experience

Research from MIT’s Centre for Information Systems Research (CISR).

Workplace Experience - The new driver of sustainable business value

Why transformation starts with your workplace.

Workplace Experience

Empowered x Engaged = Unstoppable

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