How Avanade is driving human impact through experiences

  • Posted on October 28, 2022
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Avanade X Customer Client Experiences

For over two decades, Avanade has been celebrated as the leading innovator on the Microsoft platform. Today Avanade X puts humans at the intersection of strategy, design, and technology to show the world what’s possible when you give technology purpose.

Designing an experience that makes an impression
I recently purchased a new vehicle—an experience many people view as complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, with awkward negotiations and endless amounts of paperwork. This time around wasn’t much different, apart from what took place after my purchase. Picture this: I bought my new car on a Friday afternoon. On Monday morning, the manager of the service department called me to schedule my first service appointment in six months. The call stopped me in my tracks. Scheduling service on a brand-new car was the last thing on my mind, but the manager gave me a list of available days and offered me a loaner car. I confirmed the appointment, and in a few minutes, I was back to my Monday morning.

The manager’s call was a simple and meaningful gesture – a first-of-its kind moment - and I felt appreciated, important, that my time mattered and my business was valued. It was clever on their part as there's another dealer located a bit closer to my house. Armed with the advantage of data, the dealership artfully designed a simple human interaction and secured my service for the life of the car. If every customer made the same convenient choice I did, I estimate the dealer would secure millions of service dollars by designing that experience.

The small things add up to win the heart of the customer
Creating positive experiences often center around the many small things that add up to make a very big difference. Engineering experiences is at the heart of what we do at Avanade X. We In today’s fast paced business environment, Avanade X helps clients create relevant and enduring experiences to accelerate growth. We put human impact at our core, recognizing that every solution will be someone’s experience and that every experience has the potential to transform lives and grow businesses. For many of our clients, they know Avanade as the most trusted Microsoft partner for enterprise scale clients. Today we’re humbled to get the opportunity to become our client’s most trusted partner to deliver world-class experiences and make what matters.

The reality is that we are all driven by emotion. Experiences are emotional and our emotions play a role in how we choose to live, work and love. While customers are likely to return after a positive experience, the fact remains: our world and the experiences delivered in it are changing faster and faster. Our Avanade X team is made up of professionals who understand how to dig deep and make sense of the human experience. Every day we strive to create those magical moments between a business, their customers and aided by their employees. We know that experiences are more than just a flashy website or a gift with purchase; great experiences not only make a customer feel better, but they also make their life easier. Great experiences, like great companies, must stay relevant to endure.

One positive experience with a car dealership changed my perspective on the car buying process. Now it’s time to do what matters and bring that focus to our clients.

To learn more about how we can help you make what matters and create relevant and enduring experiences to accelerate growth, visit Avanade X or to discuss more, contact us.

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