Microsoft 365 Copilot: Not your traditional tech adoption

  • Posted on November 1, 2023
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Navigating the complexities of modern work environments can be overwhelming. The deluge of emails, data analysis, presentations, meetings and to-do lists leaves many of us longing for a reliable ally. That’s why there’s so much excitement around Microsoft 365 Copilot, which as of today, is generally available to enterprises. This powerful generative AI tool seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft 365 applications, helping to relieve us of mundane work tasks. From drafting emails to distilling complex data for meaningful insights, Microsoft 365 Copilot (Copilot) helps you streamline your workflow and automate your tasks. It’s the personal assistant we often wish for so we can focus on what we love most about our work.

But it takes more than turning Copilot on to realize its true value. Our experience working with clients in Microsoft’s Early Access Program as well as our own early adoption of Copilot has given us unique insights and strategies to optimize your Copilot experience. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve learned:

1. Understand what Copilot can do for your business and your people
Copilot is not just a tool, it's a partner that augments human capabilities, rather than replace them. It excels in enhancing your daily tasks: refining content, managing your time, and overcoming diverse challenges related to communication and digital skills. However, it’s important to remember that Copilot’s outputs are meant to be a starting point, not a final product. Your expert touch is still needed to refine and elevate them to excellence.

2. AI-first is people-first
Copilot is not just a technological advancement, it's a whole new way of working. To reap the full benefits of Copilot, you need to prepare your organization and people for the change and then establish a culture that fosters continual innovation. This will require developing new skills like prompt engineering, data literacy, management and more.

3. Don’t go it alone
If you feel daunted by this transformative journey, you’re not alone. According to our AI readiness research, 91% of business leaders believe that AI will enable them to create new sources of value for their customers and employees. However, only 35% have a clear strategy for scaling AI in their organizations.

Embracing generative AI and unlocking its value requires expert guidance. As an early adopter of Copilot, we’ve been at the forefront of exploring the power of generative AI to enhance productivity, creativity and innovation for our clients and ourselves. We have deep expertise in Microsoft technologies, workplace strategy, security, compliance, and user adoption. And we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored for organizations seeking to harness the full potential of Copilot. Whether it’s assessing your workplace readiness, defining a value-driven business case, ensuring data security and compliance, driving organizational change or building custom extensions, our end-to-end Copilot transformation services can lead you through the complete Copilot integration process.

Start your Copilot journey with confidence and achieve faster, better results
By harnessing the capabilities of Copilot, we’re not just embracing technology; we’re shaping the future of work.

To learn more about what makes the Copilot adoption journey unique, read our Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption guide. Or contact us today to find out how we can help you get started with Microsoft 365 Copilot.

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