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Avanade CEO Emeritus Adam Warby was named to the role after serving as CEO from 2008 to 2019.

Adam joined Avanade as a founding member of the team in 2000. He became Avanade’s second CEO in September 2008, succeeding Mitch Hill, and has been instrumental in accelerating the rotation of the company to focus on digital, cloud and the rapid growth of the company’s direct business. Under his leadership, Avanade revenues have nearly tripled, from $0.9 billion in fiscal 2008 to $2.5 billion in fiscal 2018. The company has grown to 36,000 professionals and, with Accenture, comprises the largest group of Microsoft-skilled professionals in the world.

A true global citizen, during his tenure Adam helped expand the company’s footprint, adding seven new countries, for a total of 26 countries around the globe, and closing seven acquisitions to help fuel the company’s growth.

Adam is a vocal supporter of inclusion and diversity and was a driving force behind the creation of Avanade’s corporate citizenship mission to enable young people and their communities to achieve more through the power of digital innovation.

He is chairman of Junior Achievement Europe, chairman of the board of Heidrick & Struggles, and a member of the board of SimCorp. When he is working, you will most likely find him in an airport. If he isn’t, look for a tennis court or a ski slope.


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