Wood invests in engineering innovation to build a more sustainable world

Business Situation

Wood is a projects, operations and consultancy company, unlocking solutions across the energy and the built environment markets. In response to rapid advances in technology, the company needed more efficient and effective ways to design, build and operate assets and saw automated delivery as a way to differentiate itself in the market and help major energy companies and built environment organizations achieve their sustainability goals.


Wood is working with Avanade Advisory, Avanade X and our innovation teams to create a groundbreaking prototype for an automated templated design solution for metering systems and well heads, which quantifies the mass or volume of oil and gas produced as it is sold to a buyer along the supply chain. These specialized, high-precisions systems are critical for accuracy.

While it traditionally takes weeks to design these systems, the automated delivery solution uses data science and machine learning to identify and leverage past engineering designs, break down drawings into separate components that can be incorporated into other designs and, within minutes, create a design basis for a specific scenario. The goal is to take 50-70% of the labor out of the process by using repeatable, reusable design elements, allowing Wood’s engineers to focus on finessing the solution to meet the client’s specific needs. This includes designs that are more sustainable.

“We saw a way forward by working with Avanade to create a master builder capability that allows us to automate design so that we can effectively feed a requirement in and it will produce a solution where about 50-70% of the hard work is done.”

Darren Martin Chief Technology Officer at Wood

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