Avanade commissioned analyst firm, Aite Group, to provide in-depth industry perspectives on each of these key issues:

  • The most effective way to modernize your IT base. How do banks get fit for digital?
  • How to improve your operational agility. What role is AI playing in your bank?
  • How to provide consistency and innovation. How do banks re-imagine customer experience?

Download each of the papers and find out more about these vital topics.


Applying AI strategically

How banks can maximize the opportunity.


Reimagining CX

Why do banks struggle to put the customer first?


Modernize to digitize

Three challenges for banks to overcome.

Rethink how banks can drive down cost and protect profit

Digital, cloud and AI are the keys to unlocking cost reduction.

Rethink how banks can handle new demand

Automation, digital promotion and the human touch are key success factors.

Banks: Stop. Pause. Rethink.

How banks can focus on the things that matter.

It’s time for Teams

Create a distinctive workplace experience.

Analytics and AI

Create the advantage you need for the future-ready business.

Cloud and Application Services

Delivering speed and transformation.

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