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Avanade 3 Value Drivers Health sciences Guide

Many life sciences leaders faced the pressure created by the pandemic and amazingly met the demand and emerged more digitally savvy than ever before. These same leaders want to get as much value from digital technology, data and artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud as possible.

Three value drivers clear a path to do the impossible again

As far as what’s next, three value drivers power an industry tailwind that clears a path for life sciences companies to deliver better treatments faster, in a more affordable, accessible and sustainable way.

  1. Innovation: AI applied on massive amounts of data will transform expensive and complex drug discovery processes and increase the hit rate in the search for suitable molecules and save costs.

  2. Digital core: The integration of data into one cloud platform will double its value. Cloud capabilities will thrive across the enterprise.

  3. Resilience: The highly sought-after resilient supply chain will become more of a reality. Digital twins and control towers to digitally track and trace end-to-end supply chain will gain adoption.

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