Data is the fuel of the new economy and the driving force of the digital era. Rapid innovation is driving companies to make dramatic changes to enable growth. However, many enterprises struggle to translate their high-level strategies into tactical roadmaps that deliver on their promised value.

azure virtual data studio workshop

Enterprises fall into a chasm, are unable to unlock meaningful insights and thereby hamper innovation/growth.

Azure Virtual Data Studio fills the value gap

A virtual workshop in Azure data and artificial intelligence (AI) accelerates a client’s enablement of end-to-end data transformation journeys on Azure, regardless of where they are in their AI maturity.

The Azure Virtual Data Studio includes perspectives from Avanade specialty market experts relevant to your industry, business goals and technology ambitions. The event culminates with actionable next steps so organizations can immediately begin to realize value.

Azure Virtual Data Studio

The event culminates with an actionable next step to start realizing value.

What is a Virtual Studio?

A 2 to 4-hour Azure Virtual Data Studio event accelerates the enablement of end-to-end data transformation journeys on Microsoft Azure, ensuring you maximize the business value of your data and investment in Azure.

Next step to full value

Avanade specialty market experts bring market tested perspectives to walk through customized topics of your choice.

From industry trends to scaling AI, the session is customized to your journey and business and technology ambitions.

Top topics of interest

  • Data Strategy

  • Financial Risk Management

  • Industry/Data Trends

  • Use Case Based Solutions

  • Key Considerations for IT to be Successful

  • Scaling Data Science an AI

  • Modern Ways of Working Remotely

  • Azure Services Deep Dive


Avanade’s Analytics and AI services can help you achieve your vision for the future.

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