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While no C-level executive can fully predict the next massive upheaval that will affect their business, every business leader now knows that they need to be ready for it. At many organizations, executives are optimizing everything across their business to be able to pivot quickly and embrace continual change in the face of business-changing disruptions.

At every organization, data platforms are the core of better decision-making. In a recent survey, just 17% of executives said they felt confident they had the right insights to make informed business decisions during the pandemic. Better business analytics can sharpen your digital transformation objectives.

Avanade knows digital transformation depends on having data accessible and organized in the cloud. The effort needed to make this happen is called data modernization. By building a stronger data ecosystem, businesses can optimize and accelerate the value of the data that surrounds every transaction, process, and system that flows through it. With the right approach, data modernization will fuel everything from new customer experiences to new digital business models, intelligence-infused ways of working, and artificial intelligence at scale.

Just as market-leading organizations are accelerating their journey to the cloud, they should also prioritize comprehensive data modernization initiatives. Avanade helps build out a modern data ecosystem that aggregates and simplifies massive stores of data, improves data quality, delivers actionable insights and creates business value through applied intelligence.

"To be able to extract value from data, you need to understand data. And in order to understand data, you have to have deep domain experience. It’s not only a business problem to reduce costs. It’s also to see the opportunities for data."

Tore Frihagen Commercial Manager Partners & Alliances, Veracity by DNV

"What we really like about Avanade and what it’s really bringing to the table, is the fuel for innovation, it’s the passion for innovation that is fundamental if you want to embrace digital transformation. But technology is not enough. You need people. And you need the right combination of people and technology to make a human impact."

Salvatore Nigro CEO, JA Europe

To scale AI across your organization, first move and modernize your data

To achieve your AI aspirations, you need to build the platform that can turn data into action and value. Ensure your entire data landscape is accessible and addressable by migrating data to Azure cloud. Leverage the power of the Azure ecosystem, including Azure Synapse Analytics to harness insights with machine learning. Modernize data through data management and governance methods to transform your business. With a stronger data foundation, you can find the insights, efficiencies, and opportunities that differentiate and grow your business.

With modernized data on a unified platform, you can scale data science and applied intelligence across your organization. Avanade can help shape your data strategy and roadmap, and we can help you harness data modernization to deliver high-value innovation use cases.

One approach: our strategic partner, Databricks, is the leader in unifying data engineering and data science on its lakehouse platform. Together, Avanade and Databricks help clients to develop a customized, end-to-end enterprise data strategy utilizing Databricks lakehouse to streamline their full machine learning lifecycle. With a repository of industry-specific models and pipeline templates, we help customers to accelerate innovation and business results. Our partnership combines Avanade’s deep knowledge and experience with Azure Databricks to build massive-scale data engineering and collaborative data science. Learn more about the Avanade and Databricks partnership. Read our POV on how Databricks and Synapse are better together.

Avanade and Databricks partnership

We provide support every step of the way

Avanade has the depth and breadth of experience in data modernization, data quality and best practices to help you create a fully integrated program – one that can help you drive transformation, innovation and competitive advantage. From strategy and implementation to rollout and governance, we’ll support you every step of the way. We partner with you to:

  • Integrate your data vision into your digital transformation strategy.
  • Use a design-led analytics approach paired with agile methods for business outcomes.
  • Migrate to Azure with our Azure Data Modernization Factory to speed data transformation and reduce TCO by 30%.
  • Improve and secure data with a comprehensive data governance approach.
  • Create the data workflows to support data management, governance and quality as you scale.
  • Prepare your data to embrace advanced analytics, data science, and high-value use cases with cognitive services and artificial intelligence.
  • Think outside the box with our 1,000-plus data engineers who have worked with hundreds of clients.
  • Take advantage of our prepackaged technology platforms, accelerators and services to speed up your hypothesis-to-answers cycle.

We can help you scale your business analytics and AI vision without breaking what you already have in place. With our managed services approach, you can apply analytics without taking on the management of it all. We bring the best technologies, scaled for rapid implementation with proven starter and scale techniques. This leaves you free to focus on delivering your business objectives.

Want to fast-track what’s possible with Avanade and data modernization? Contact us and request a Data Value Workshop, where we’ll co-create a plan that jumpstarts your data strategy with actionable next steps. Want to shape your future data environment for scale and innovation? Register for a Data Platform in 30 days workshop, where we’ll help you create a data migration plan for your organization.


  • 2022 Databricks Global Partner of the Year, for the 4th year in a row
  • 7-time recipient of regional Databricks Partner of the Year awards
  • 1,500+ Databricks Engineers trained, 30+ Databricks Technical Champions
  • More certified professionals for Microsoft Azure than any other Microsoft partner
  • 17-time award winner of the Microsoft Global SI Alliance Partner of the Year – more than any other partner
  • 4,200+ data, business excellence and automation experts
  • 4000+ Azure Data & AI specialists, covering engineering, data science, solution, and more
  • 400+ AI practitioners
  • Partnerships with leaders in data migration and modernization, including Databricks, Unravel and Qlik
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