Is your business Ready by Design?

In today’s business landscape, you have to be prepared for anything. You have to be ready by design.

With disruption affecting every sector, preparing for change has never been more important. What made firms successful in the past is now holding them back. Businesses must respond in new ways to survive and thrive against startups and other industry disruption.

Ready by Design is a holistic approach that helps you increase business agility, create new digital business models and achieve faster time to market.


What keeps you up at night?

Avanade’s cloud and Application Services can help you to respond to disruption, and drive innovation in your business.


Be “Ready by Design” and prepared for anything with Avanade Cloud and Application Services.


We are the experts in the Microsoft ecosystems. Get the latest insights from our experts.

Client Stories

We realize results for clients and their customers through our expertise, unparalleled access to the Microsoft ecosystem and an industrialized operating model. Here’s just a sample.

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Learn how Avanade’s Cloud and Application Services can help you build the IT vision that’s right for your business.

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