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Remote working has quickly transitioned from what was seen by some as an occasional or alternative practice to a mainstream method of business continuity. The impact of that fast and sudden change will be felt not only throughout the current COVID-19 crisis, but well into the future too.

This rapidly accelerated evolution is taking place amid stressful conditions – both at a personal and a technical level. Remote working represents a substantial shift – it isn’t simply a question of technology. There are significant geographic, demographic and cultural issues to consider.

Digital Workplace Group (DWG) – a strategic partner of Avanade – provides benchmarking and boutique consultancy services to organizations across the world. In this report, DWG provides best practice recommendations and seeks to generate confidence among the many organizations that are rapidly embracing remote working.

Specifically, DWG offers direction for three distinct tiers:

  1. Individuals: Guidance for homeworkers including wellness, focus and fostering connections.
  2. Teams: Suggestions for managers around working together, performance and supporting one another.
  3. Organizations: Steps that leadership can take to address communication, provide effective employee services and ensure readiness as well as resilience.

Download the report today and discover why – during times of crisis, when policies and different ways of working are deployed at speed – it’s vital to maintain a human focus and acknowledge how people are impacted by organizational decisions.

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