Multi-national insurance company using intelligent automation to process claims

Business Situation

This insurance company receives email-based insurance inquiries which are currently answered by a customer support team. It engaged Avanade to look at how automation could be used to take both the manual and intelligent parts out of this process and free up human resources for higher-value work.

Key to this was having the automation respond in the same way as a human would, so no complex system integration would be required.


Since the process is both manual (claims processing) and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) from Blue Prism and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services was used.

Avanade built a solution which seamlessly integrates the two technologies. This started with RPA picking up the email when received and then handing it over to Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services for natural language processing. Once the analysis is done, the result is handed back to Blue Prism, which automatically creates a new case in the existing support management tool. The customer then receives a response with the case ID.


The benefits of the intelligent automation solution include:

  • Faster customer resolution than can be achieved by the support team
  • Use of the same tool managed by the support team, with no system integration required
  • The start of a comprehensive journey to business improvement through intelligent automation

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