Achieve faster time to market through proven agile and DevOps approaches

What made firms successful in the past is now holding them back. Businesses must respond in new ways to survive and thrive against startups and other industry disruptors.

They need to be prepared for anything, and shaped to adapt and evolve: They need to be Ready by Design. It isn’t just your established systems that are tied to the old ways of doing business. Your people are too. They must support the legacy technologies, as well as established systems and business processes. You may need them to create new products, services and business models, but they already have full-time jobs and you need them to do those jobs too, at least for now.

Avanade helps companies liberate their talent using proven agile and DevOps approaches for software product engineering. Adopting these practices positions you to be prepared for anything. When you’re prepared for anything, and shaped to adapt and evolve, then you’re Ready by Design.

Capabilities to help you rapidly benefit from the DevOps and agile promise

people-talent-communities-iconAvanade Modern Engineering Platform

The Avanade Modern Engineering Platform (MEP) underpins the approach Avanade uses to develop and manage software solutions. The MEP incorporates many of the tool sets available either from Microsoft or the Microsoft technology ecosystem, including open source. It is an industrialized and intelligent platform for developing, maintaining and operating liquid applications across connected ecosystems.

people-program-project-skills-iconAvanade Modern Engineering Advisory

A company that wants to adopt DevOps or expand an existing DevOps process needs to know where to begin and which low-hanging fruit to reach for. The answers depend, of course, on the company’s current state of DevOps implementation.

Implementing change on this scale can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Avanade has guided many companies through adoption and enhancement of DevOps in particular and modern engineering more broadly.

Learn more about how Avanade Advisory Services can help you unlock the benefits of digital transformation through modern engineering.


La plateforme d’ingénierie moderne d’Avanade

Concrétisez rapidement les promesses d’Agile et des DevOps.


La plateforme d’ingénierie moderne d’Avanade

Jetez un œil à la façon dont cela fonctionne.

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Ce que vous pouvez obtenir du génie logiciel moderne

Mener correctement les liaisons entre développeurs et utilisateurs de services (DevOps) libère les avantages de la transformation numérique.

Results that have a business impact

Here’s how Avanade’s clients benefit from our modern software engineering experience:

  • Centrica cut downtime incidents in half – and the time to resolve remaining incidents by 60% with service management.
  • Companies cut the time to deploy a Sitecore instance by 75% with DevOps automation.
  • A public health service monitors over 1 million mailboxes and 350,000 Skype for Business accounts.
  • A pension provider’s engineering practices are optimized by converting more than 60 people from a “waterfall team” approach into Scrum teams and Nexus framework users.
  • An R&D development company leveraged design-thinking sessions to challenge the current state and identify areas for improvement that wouldn’t have been found in isolation.
  • A UK utility company automated 75% of cases for a first release and cut resources for manual testing in half with testing and quality assurance.

Avanade’s experience and expertise make the difference.

  • Implementation of GitHub and Microsoft Azure DevOps using reference architectures and process templates that will help you rapidly embrace new approaches.
  • Over 300 globally distributed DevOps mobilization experts with more than five years of experience running projects.
  • High-quality off/near/onshore delivery.
  • Managed services that continually evolve and manage your application portfolio.
  • A symbiotic partnership with Scrum.org. Avanade has over 4,500 trained Scrum.org certified professionals and over 50 agile coaches, more than any other organization.

GroupM joue la carte de l’innovation et réalise une économie de près de 20 %

GroupM joue la carte de l’innovation et réalise une économie de près de 20 %.

AGL se démarque de la concurrence grâce au numérique

Une entreprise énergétique offre une expérience client numérique de haute valeur.

Prochaines étapes

Apprenez-en davantage sur la façon dont les pratiques modernes d’ingénierie logicielle peuvent vous aider à répondre aux exigences émergentes de l’industrie numérique.

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