top 3 banking challenges

Digital transformation programs will continue but they will need rethinking in light of the pandemic. Banks are now looking for short-term approaches that can deliver business outcomes quickly. Here are three urgent challenges we’re hearing from our clients:

  • How do I make AI an enterprise-wide capability to speed up process, increase automation and improve CX, all within an ethical framework?
  • How do I develop operational scale and flexibility, while reducing my dependency on legacy IT, lowering my cost-income ratio and improving speed to market?
  • What people and IT investments will give the greatest ROI in terms of secure remote productivity, cost reduction and employee well-being, while remaining compliant with regulation?

We’ve developed a practical guide to help you start solving these challenges.

For each challenge, we look at typical scenarios, various examples where we have done this before, what business outcomes you can expect and the accelerators and diagnostic tools we can provide to get you started. We hope you find it useful.

Next steps

Find out how we can help your bank undergo digital transformation.

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