Demonstrating our security commitment to our clients

At Avanade, we understand the global threat landscape is evolving in complexity with an increasing number of attacks. Countries are quickly evolving regulatory and compliance requirements to better protect the data and privacy of companies and citizens.

Avanade invests in security and privacy throughout our business because we understand your information assets are critical to the success of your business. It is important to us that you can trust that Avanade understands the unique security risks and concerns that can accompany new business solutions.

“Na Avanade, estamos profundamente empenhados em proteger a segurança e a privacidade dos dados dos nossos clientes. Investimos uma quantidade significativa de recursos nos nossos colaboradores, processos e tecnologias para proteger os nossos clientes.”

Bob Bruns Diretor de informática e segurança, Avanade

Security trained and capable workforce

Our people are trained annually on information security considerations. All Avanade personnel are required to pass a series of information security training courses, including safe information security practices, Client Data Protection (CDP) training, understanding data classification and applying Avanade’s Code of Business Ethics (CoBE).

In addition, every Avanade client delivery requires a two-part CDP program:

  1. A risk assessment to determine where the client's risk lies in relation to the project
  2. A mitigation phase that uses a Client Data Protection plan comprised of 17 to 22 security control areas operated by the project team.

Designed to meet Avanade’s security commitments

Avanade continually invests in information security-enabled capabilities to mitigate risks and meet our obligations to clients. Our people participate in our internal “Security Essentials” program, which matches the complexity and subject matter of security training to the focused area of their role.

The Office of Chief Information and Security Officer is heavily invested in ensuring our client solutions address information security concerns to help safeguard client data and privacy.

We build security to your requirements

We operate an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to apply practices and guidance in managing our risks as a trusted provider.

Our Business Continuity Management (BCM) efforts work to manage risk to ensure resiliency, continuity and availability of our business operations. Avanade’s BCM follows the lifecycle defined by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI).

We operate security programs that apply principles of the ISO 27001 prescription for a management system and the ISO 27002 code of practice.

This includes using providers and vendors that have appropriate attestations for their business operations (as an example, by seeking evidence of a certified ISO 27001 program and/or SSAE16 SOC1 and SOC2 annual audit reports).


Código de ética empresarial

O caminho ético é o único caminho.

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We know the Microsoft ecosystem

Avanade has unparalleled expertise with Microsoft products, technologies and solutions, and we leverage that experience to advise you on the geographic data privacy obligations and security control requirements where you do business. That includes the international, regulatory and industry-specific compliance standards.

Our deep understanding of how these technologies can be implemented on a practical level can help you maneuver in the global data security and privacy regulatory landscape. Our proven expertise includes:

  • Implementou mais licenças do Microsoft Office 365 do que qualquer outro parceiro Microsoft
  • Conhecimento comprovado na Cloud da Microsoft em cloud Azure e cloud híbrida
  • Geriu mais de 10 000 grandes projetos para mais de 4000 clientes
  • Reconhecida com mais de 90 prémios Microsoft Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Partner, com mais de 18 competências Gold
  • 30 000 profissionais qualificados com diversas origens, 29% dos quais mulheres
  • Mais de 24 000 certificações técnicas da Microsoft
  • Primeira no número de profissionais com certificação .NET e mais de 25 prémios MVP
  • Mais de 3 milhões de licenças Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) geridas ativamente

Working with you

Delivery excellence and innovation are in our DNA. Learn how our approach can help your business realise results.

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