Digital transformation inside and out

Digital transformation is an imperative to succeed in today’s fast-paced world. It’s what we do at Avanade. Through thousands of projects, we’ve helped organisations transform for the digital world.

But it’s not always enough to change inside; external transformation can be critical to complete the picture. It’s something we’ve addressed with our own brand.

We know our teams do great work with our clients; and that our Microsoft expertise is second to none. But what would it take to achieve our vision to be the leading digital innovator? We talked to our clients, analysts and influencers as well as our internal teams who all agreed that to be seen as the leading digital innovator, we needed to look like it too.

“Our new look is a commitment to bring even more bold thinking, fresh perspectives, unwavering optimism, and passion for technology and people to the work that we do.”

Stella Goulet Chief Marketing Officer, Avanade

Capturing the waves of change

We have brought our vision to be the leading digital innovator to life with a refreshed brand identity, reflected most visibly in our new logo, which captures the waves of change that are sweeping the marketplace. It symbolises how we partner with our clients to help them transform their organisations in the digital world.

Key to the implementation of our new brand was the underlying approach we took. As with so many client projects, speed and agility were of the essence. Sound familiar?

Walking the transformation talk

To help us realise results quickly, we leveraged the same principles, methods and tools that we bring to our work with clients, in this case our agile approach and Scrum framework. We’re fortunate to have one of the world’s largest contingents of Professional Scrum Trainers and we enlisted their help on our own transformation journey.

Our logo is just one element of our new brand identity. As you work with us, we hope you’ll see our Avanade attitude come through in our bold thinking, fresh perspectives, optimistic approach, and passion for people and technology.

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