Police Mutual achieves digital business transformation with cloud solution from Avanade

Business Situation

Police Mutual wanted to modernise and simplify its operations and provide a more responsive customer service across multiple channels.

Employees relied heavily on unstructured email collaboration and with staff spread across several UK office locations, meetings took time to organise. Marketing activity was based on traditional postal and telephone methods and mailshots were generic and impersonal.

This working environment and its effect on culture was not sufficiently dynamic to sustain the strategic ambitions of the management team and so workplace transformation became a core component of their strategy.

"The way that we work feels a lot more modern and people are finding this a really positive experience. We can work in a really different way that benefits both colleagues and our members."

Sarah Myers Head of operations for life and savings, Police Mutual


Police Mutual selected Skype for Business as its corporate telephony, video conferencing and collaboration solution and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a complete view of customer activity and to automate manual processes.

Avanade worked with Police Mutual to deliver this business transformation. David Loughenbury, CIO, Police Mutual, states, “Avanade provides a hugely deep set of Microsoft skills. Using the offshore model, Avanade can deliver great service and effective costs for us and does it in a way that helps our business grow."


    CRM is enabling staff to have more engaging conversations with customers by providing a complete customer view. “With the customer information all in one place, the call handler can access it instantly and is able to respond more knowledgably and to pre-empt some of the elements of the conversation as well as save time,” says Sarah Myers, head of operations for life and savings.

    CRM has also allowed Police Mutual to transform some of its legacy business processes significantly, enabling it to pay out surrenders and maturities to customers more promptly. Processes that were taking 24 days to complete are now taking five days or less.

    The Microsoft platform provides a fully functional virtual office to employees wherever they are. Decision makers can share files and data more easily and collaborate more effectively. Myers says, “It is really quick to get people together and have a conversation. Previously, it would have taken two weeks to plan to get people to meet, we can just do it today. We can have more of those meetings and potentially shorter meetings to get the job done.”

    Police Mutual

    Police Mutual Case Study

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