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Business Situation

In the past, Swedish Match sales force in Sweden used Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and a laptop device to manage customer relations. The solution had become progressively worse from a user experience, performance, availability and capability perspective. As a result, Swedish Match wanted to secure better CRM capabilities to reach its strategic objectives.

"The collaboration between Group IT and Sales Sweden is a key success factor and I’m exceptionally pleased with the positive outcome. With the new Mobile CRM solution providing new capabilities and quality of data, application, reporting and support, we have seen significant benefits in the way we work and sales effectiveness not only internal but more importantly our customers trust Swedish Match as the most valued trade partner."

Jonas Jöhnemark VP Sales Sweden, Swedish Match

Customer Solution

In early 2011, the VP Sales Sweden and key representatives from Group IT came together to find ways of modernizing their sales processes and tools. What transpired from the CRM vision generated a Proof of Concept, a Resco “Mobile CRM” prototype on an iPad in order to evaluate the extendibility and performance of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 platform.

Thereafter the CRM project kicked off in April 2012 and a year later, the new CRM solution was successfully deployed in two separate releases which turned out very prosperous.


Avanade helped Swedish Match implement a highly fit for purpose Mobile CRM solution to support the execution of sales strategy, whereby enabling sales reps to:
  • Effectively manage multiple trade promotions within sales cycles
  • Optimize route planning of sales visits with intelligent maps
  • High level of customer engagement on focused trade promotions and related store insights
  • Quick and easy to create sales orders on the go
  • And many more sales capabilities
Since the CRM post go-live in the beginning of February 2013, Swedish Match continues to realize actual benefits compared to the conservative business case, which has exceeded their expectations with more than 200% value increase of additional CRM sales orders.

Swedish Match

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