IoT devices have brought about tremendous opportunity and efficiencies both in the workplace and home. Growth is projected to continue at a staggering rate, with 1 trillion IoT devices expected by 2025.

With the rise of edge computing, smart sensors, and controllers now bypassing firewalls and communicating directly with the cloud, this creates new risks for system exposure. In today’s complex security environment, getting better control and visibility of IoT and OT components is an imperative.

“Cyber-physical systems (CPS) incidents will rapidly increase in the coming years due to a lack of security focus and spending currently aligning to these assets.”

Key principles of securing IoT/OT

Because IoT and OT deal with a different type of Information Technology landscape, cybersecurity should also adapt to these new super connected digital devices.

At Avanade we believe to following principles should be applied in all circumstances when embracing the IoT/OT journey:

  • Ensuring physical devices and onboarded applications are secured by design
  • Establishing data governance across the various layers of an IoT architecture: from devices to gateways, to cloud storage and end-user consumption
  • Understanding behaviours of your IoT/OT estate with monitoring capabilities and advanced industry specific playbooks for investigation and remediation

Benefit from Avanade’s Solution

Avanade can help with the security management of your IoT/OT devices. Our services include secure by design principles such as:

  • End-to-end awareness and defense against sophisticated attacks utilising Azure Defender for IOT and Azure Security Center
  • Advanced behavioral security monitoring and SOC capabilities through Azure Sentinel
  • Enablement of secure frictionless access to cloud connected devices for IoT applications and services (Azure AD)
  • Shift Left with embedded secure code on IoT devices, sensors and applications

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Worried about a security breach?

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Why Avanade

At Avanade, we’re the experts at helping you secure your Microsoft and hybrid IT ecosystems. Our security services provide a holistic approach through advisory, implementation and managed services.

Recognised as the Microsoft 20/20 Security Zero Trust Champion, we provide proven methodologies, deep expertise and leading-edge technology.

As a managed security provider, we can also augment your security team and provide the 24/7 monitoring of events and ongoing operational support to help you stay ahead of security risks. Our accolades include:

  • Microsoft Security 20/20 award winner for Zero Trust Champion
  • 18 Microsoft Gold Competencies including Gold for Microsoft’s Security competency
  • Member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA)
  • Microsoft 2022 Global Alliance SI Partner of the Year – for the 17th time

Next steps

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