Continental AG empowers new workplace experience with chatbot

Business Situation

Continental AG is among the leading automotive suppliers worldwide with approximately 235,000 employees in 50+ countries. To support a vision to introduce new, efficient and user-friendly work styles, the company made a strategic decision to move to Microsoft Office 365. Hoping to eliminate user confusion and speed adoption, without stretching limited IT resources, it sought to create an innovative chatbot solution.

This tool would answer frequently asked questions of end users and help with other self-serve functions, such as creating a new SharePoint or Teams site. The goal? Make adopting the new cloud communications and collaboration platform as easy and painless as possible.

“Those frequently asked questions, we would rather have employees ask the bot, to free up capacity from the service desk.”

Florin Cepanariu Head of Corp. Infrastructure First Level Support, Continental AG


After teaming up with Avanade, Continental AG leveraged our CuriousBot chatbot accelerator to quickly deliver a solution. The chatbot we delivered uses text analytics, translation and other cognitive services and is customized to the Continental AG’s brand.


Employees are now interacting with the chatbot across intranet web chat and seek help when needed. They simply type a question, such as “How many participants can join a Skype meeting?” and get an immediate, relevant response.

Paid for under a flexible subscription model, the solution is saving time, effort and costs related to onboarding users to an all new way of working.

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