Avanade’s commitment to human rights

Avanade is committed to support and respect internationally proclaimed human rights.

Avanade’s commitment to doing business ethically and legally is the foundation for the company’s global culture, which is shaped by our three core values - We have a Passion for Technology and Innovate with Purpose, We Deliver with Excellence, We Believe Everyone Counts. This commitment is manifested in Avanade’s Code of Business Ethics and its compliance programmes. Our approach is based on a framework to ensure we meet our legal obligations and human rights commitments. This framework includes the visible support of our senior leadership, regular risk assessments, written standards and controls (including global and local policies), ongoing training and communications, and auditing, monitoring and response procedures. We have zero tolerance for violations of applicable law.

“We believe everyone counts” means fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment within the company and treating each person we deal with in a manner that reflects Avanade’s values. This core value underpins Avanade’s commitment to the elimination of slavery and human trafficking. We expect all our people to treat each other, and those we deal with, respectfully and with dignity. We do not tolerate physical violence, threats, corporal punishment, mental coercion, verbal abuse, disrespectful behavior, bullying or harassment of any kind.

We actively encourage our people to raise ethical and legal concerns, including any concerns about human rights issues, and we make multiple channels available for them to do so - including anonymously, where legally permitted. We also stress that we have zero tolerance for retaliation against anyone who speaks up in good faith. Avanade investigates any potential human rights breach it becomes aware of and seeks to appropriately remedy or mitigate those breaches.


Avanade and Accenture’s Modern Slavery Statement

Examine how we work to support human rights, including the elimination of modern slavery across our global supply chains.

Looking ahead

Avanade is always looking to improve in this area and it continues to review its human rights efforts, as well as best practices in the marketplace, to understand how we can further strengthen our commitment to ensure slavery and human trafficking are not taking place within our organization or our supply chains.

The board of directors of Avanade UK, Avanade Australia and Avanade Canada have approved this statement to be signed on its behalf by Andy Gillett, Laura Malcolm and Andre Nadeau as its designated directors and the information in this statement is accurate as of 26 February 2024.

Signed for and on behalf of Avanade UK Limited, Avanade Australia Pty Limited and Avanade Canada Inc.

Andy Gillett
Andy Gillett
General Manager and Director, Avanade UK Limited

Laura Malcolm
Laura Malcolm
Executive General Manager, Australia

André Nadeau
André Nadeau
General Manager & Chair, Avanade Canada Inc.

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