Personalized digital experiences help smartMonday members prepare for retirement

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smartMonday by Aon is an award-winning superannuation fund (super) that brings Aon’s unique mix of global capabilities in risk, insurance broking and human resources to the world of super. Its philosophy is to encourage members to take control of their financial wellbeing through smart, easy actions in their super fund today, to create their brightest weekend (aka their retirement).

For many members, a fund’s website is their first touchpoint, but it’s the complexity of superannuation and information overload-like content that made it challenging to find what is most relevant and take the right actions for them. Members were redirected to external administrator sites that created an inconsistent member experience, and as a result, smartMonday had limited understanding regarding how members interacted with their super or what information they sought.

smartMonday’s goal was simple but ambitious: to give members everything they need to make informed decisions about their super savings and retirement outcomes. It wanted a flexible, scalable site to strengthen customer engagement, attract and retain new members and become a superannuation partner of choice.


As a long-time partner, smartMonday turned to Accenture and Avanade – a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft – to help design and build a new website experience and member portal. The process began with human-centred design workshops that helped to define the digital user experience and interactions, not based on the superannuation industry norm, but on a high quality customer service interaction that would provide meaningful information and support members in achieving personal and financial objectives. These insights informed the website goals: to have a flexible foundation, improve organization and structure, and enhance navigation to proactively meet members’ needs with ease.

The delivered solution included an interactive site with a library of reusable design components for future extensibility, and a personalized member portal that allows members to sign in and view their investment activity and performance, contribution amounts (deposits) and current fees payable – all on one page. This holistic view makes key account details transparent and easy to understand for members. Through this strategic approach, smartMonday is better positioned to offer members hyper-relevant products and services throughout their lifetime.

With enhanced digital experiences, smartMonday is helping members to engage with and understand their super to secure the retirement they desire – whether that is through making specific investment decisions, improving their financial wellbeing or a combination of these aspirations.

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What makes investing in the digital member experience worthwhile?

Find out how we partnered with smartMonday to rethink its digital marketing strategy, design and build a new website experience and member portal that deliver betters engagement.

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