Teekanne makes global collaboration and workflows easier for employees

Business Situation

With offices across Europe and Canada, this German tea company had no centralized intranet or document management system in place, making it difficult for employees to collaborate and find much needed information. As a result, basic daily tasks, such as time tracking, document management, vacation requests or updating team calendars resulted in confusion, duplicate manual effort and lost time. IT was also being tasked with managing and keeping up to date multiple disparate intranet systems and workflows, leading to operational inefficiencies and extra costs.

“Having IT and the business in the same room was key in designing the right solution,” Kriechhammer said. “It gave us a unified vision of the workplace transformation we needed to create.”

Markus Kriechhammer Teekanne CIO


Teekanne launched an initiative to modernize the workplace experience. Known as the “TeaNetwork,” it centered on a new Microsoft SharePoint Online platform to optimize workflows and operations for employees across the company. After being selected as strategic partner, Avanade hosted regular “digital circle” working groups, bringing together more than 50 employees from across departments, roles and locations. We then put these cross-departmental insights to work, helping design and deliver a unified document and collaboration solution on the Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online platform.


The new platform is serving up numerous key advantages for Teekanne and its employees such as:

  • A redefined workplace experience is helping employees find, instead of search, for crucial information.
  • There has been a marked improvement in the daily lives of employees, making all needed information available at a glance.
  • It is easier to share and collaborate on documents so activities such as quality management, internal communications, team calendar updates and vacation requests can be accomplished quickly.
  • Employees are now more engaged and productive, while IT operations are running more smoothly.

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