Sustainable solutions help more than the environment

Responsible health and life sciences organizations should look beyond traditional notions of green or sustainability. Organizations also need to rethink how to use digital technology to gain the greatest return on their investments. Our digital heritage and privileged access to Microsoft help you design sustainable solutions that improve operational agility, create people first experiences and build trust.

Operational agility

People-first innovation

Reputation resiliency and trust

As healthcare and life sciences organizations become more resilient with digital, they have opportunities to operate with greater agility, efficiency and security.

For example, using the internet of things (IoT) to build digital twins of properties, from drug discovery to manufacturing, can reduce consumption and increase energy efficiency.

Transitioning to Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare can also help hospitals and payers be 93% more energy and 98% more carbon efficient than operating an on-premises data center.

Digital innovation can be used to put people first. This means is using technology to help simplify tasks, increase care team collaboration and provide the best care experience possible whether in the hospital or talking with a patient from home.

For example, virtual patient visits or telemedicine helps clinicians and researchers with tools to efficiently care for patients at home. It enables virtual collaboration among care teams and, when done right, can lower consumption of supplies and reduce travel that leads to less stress on people.

In a recent study, 76% of healthcare workers reported exhaustion and burnout. Digital tools such as virtual patient visits and remote patient monitoring can help improve work-life balance and improve retention of clinicians and staff.

Trust is the currency of the care experience. To be a leader, healthcare and life sciences organizations need to define a more equitable and transparent healthcare ecosystem.

More than ever, consumers, providers and employees will distrust organizations that don’t deliver transparency and demonstrate their commitments to meet safety and security standards.

Cloud and data-driven solutions provide the transparency required to enable solutions from more resilient supply chains to trusted data insights for increased patient engagement and better outcomes.

While there is still much work to be done, health and life sciences leaders worldwide are making sustainability part of their DNA.

Avanade helps you progress beyond net zero

We are well qualified to help your organization progress beyond net zero. As one of a select group of global Microsoft sustainability partners and a member of the Green Software Foundation, we enable you to take full advantage of the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability in combination with our technical expertise and experience delivering sustainable solutions worldwide.

Helping our clients create sustainable business models

Learn how we’re helping clients rethink their sustainability to unlock organizational agility, create people first-innovation solutions and build a high level of trust with clinicians, employees and each other.

Ready for a sustainable relationship?

We don’t just talk about sustainability. We act on it for our own organization. So, we understand what it takes to help you achieve a sustainable future in your industry. Avanade Health and Life Sciences combines global expertise with digital health technology. The Avanade/Accenture partnership serves healthcare providers, doctors, health payors, life sciences and medical device organizations, and health consumers worldwide.

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