Accelerate your retail transformation

Delivering exceptional customer experiences is essential to every retail organization in the age of the empowered customer. Your customers want to shop in any mode, on any device and at a time convenient to them.

They want to move from social networks, to online stores, to in-store experiences in a seamless, integrated and consistent engagement. Offering a frictionless and rewarding experience to your customers, regardless of their shopping style during the purchase cycle, is a key differentiator to keep them coming back.

With Avanade and Dynamics 365, retailers are able to help better manage global expansion with flexible deployments, create seamless commerce and omnichannel experiences for customers, and improve merchandise management. In an era of the empowered consumer, Avanade and Microsoft are empowering retailers to create amazing customer experiences through intelligent operations, driving business success today and into the future.


What digital forgot: The retail frontline

Avanade and Microsoft partnered with Incisiv to survey retailers across the US, UK, Germany and France to get a glimpse into the frontline workforce.


The real cost of not enabling your frontline workforce

A retailer arming its frontline with tools and training is the exception, not the rule. View our infographic for insights.


The future of stores: How, not how many

Retail innovators are redefining the role of brick-and-mortar stores.

End-to-end benefits

Dynamics 365 for Retail is our end-to-end retail management system offering. It can help you connect, transform and make the most of your business management systems and processes throughout the retail lifecycle while also scaling to your business needs. We can support your business operations and improve customer experiences to provide frictionless commerce. This enables you to realize digital on the outside and inside of your business.

Digital outside

Service excellence is achieved by integrating marketing activities and customer service across all channels and touch points.
Unified commerce provides a consistent and seamless customer experience across multiple channels and touch points, from marketing to fulfillment activities.
The Digital store provides intelligent digital capabilities that can enhance and improve in-store experiences for both customers and employees.

Digital inside

Actionable analytics inform marketing strategies and management decisions.
Streamlined operations drive higher efficiencies by making the most of the retailer’s end-to-end value chain.
Agile enterprise ensures speed and scalability through cloud operations and improved technology infrastructure.
The Intelligent Retailer

How retailers can turn intuitive organizational data and insights into truly intelligent programs.

HfS Blueprint Report on Microsoft Dynamics Services

New research ranks Accenture and Avanade as leaders for Microsoft Dynamics implementation services.

Retail Insights

Read the latest from our Avanade retail experts.

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