Innovative cloud migration and modernization with Avanade cloud and application services

Modern organizations must do what matters with their cloud migration strategy to unlock business value from the cloud in order to deliver in the digital age. Accelerating your migration to Azure will power agility, innovation and efficiency across the business.

With disruption affecting every sector, the need for resilience has never been greater. In order to survive and thrive, organizations must find new ways to respond, reset and renew as they move forward better prepared for the future.

When you’re in the Azure cloud your infrastructure adapts as your business requires. You can create new business models at speed, innovating faster than ever. Whether you’re developing cloud native apps or modernizing existing applications, you should be creating better experiences for customers, adopting new technologies and embracing a culture of experimentation.

What keeps you up at night?

Avanade’s cloud and Application Services can help you to respond to disruption, and drive innovation in your business.


Become more agile, innovative and efficient with Avanade Cloud and Application Services.


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We realize results for clients and their customers through our expertise, unparalleled access to the Microsoft ecosystem and an industrialized operating model. Here’s just a sample.

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