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The principles of Industry 4.0 – or the fourth industrial revolution – have accelerated digital transformation over the last decade.

But to embrace the continual change facing us today, it’s not enough, because legacy systems weren’t built for customers demanding the fast delivery of fully customized products – “lot size: 1.” It requires more than digital manufacturing. It requires smart manufacturing and delivery that seamlessly spans the digital and physical worlds.

Industry X - End-to-end. Connected. Intelligent.

Industry X is your source for sustainable competitive advantage in the entire value chain around products, new revenue streams and market growth. Industry X builds on past digitization work to rethink manufacturing processes and digitally reinvent your business’ core operations, products, employee and customer experiences and even your business models.

Conceived by Accenture and adopted and implemented by Avanade, Industry X brings three trends together: manufacturing transformation, smart connected products and, critical to both, digital twins.

Avanade Industry X Diagram

Manufacturing transformation

To embrace continual change, manufacturers need to make the core of their operations digital. That’s not just an ERP issue, but an end-to-end sweep that includes design and engineering, shop floor and after-sales maintenance and service.

We help you drive the transformation of the shop floor processes towards higher automation, flexibility, safety and quality.

Our solutions:

  • Avanade Intelligent Digital Twin Solutions
  • Integration of the shop floor with ERP for closed loop manufacturing
  • Surround legacy operations with smart devices to improve quality, safety and availability
  • Azure Edge solutions for cloud independent operations

“90% of executives agree that to be agile and resilient, their organizations need to fast forward their digital transformation with cloud at its core.”

Smart connected products

To fulfill the changing needs of consumers, manufacturers require agility and intelligence with digitally connected products. Disconnected systems and complex processes restrict functionality and product quality. In addition, inflexible cultures, poor skills and lack of insights inhibit differentiation and growth.

Our solutions:

  • Develop embedded software connected to the cloud or edge devices
  • Enable UI design to create a modern and intuitive user interface
  • Develop industry-focused apps for our clients and their customers across their lifecycle from predictive maintenance to in-field services

“36% of manufacturing enterprises realize above-average business value from IT spending in digitalization (Industry 4.0) solutions when compared with peers.”

Digital twins

Moving to next-generation digital twin systems can help you outperform your competition with autonomous operations. For many companies, the move to create digital twins for products and production systems is being hindered — for example, by siloed legacy systems that don’t support change at scale.

Our solutions:

“55% of software technology decision-makers at manufacturing firms have adopted some form of digital twin; a further 18% plan to do so.”


Industry X

Industry X is how you master a constantly changing world.


Microsoft Industry Clouds: Personalized by Avanade

Shaping the future of your business


Digital Twins

Why do firms use Digital Twins?

Why Avanade?

Avanade is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture.

We are Microsoft’s leading partner and our combined industry; strategic and technical expertise means we understand the complexities of manufacturing new products and services.

Industry X credentials:

  • Over 60,000 Microsoft-trained professionals
  • 60,000+ certifications in Microsoft technologies
  • 10,000 projects successfully delivered for over 4,000 clients worldwide
  • We focus on Manufacturing trends and thought leadership
  • We have a Global network of digital innovation studios

Awards and certifications

  • 18-time winner of Microsoft Global Sytems Integrator (GSI) Partner of the Year Award - more than any other partner
  • 2022 Global System Integrator (GSI) Partner of the Year
  • 2022 Manufacturing & Supply Chain Partner of the Year
  • 2022 Finalist for Automotive Partner of the Year
  • 2022 Dynamics 365 Customer Insights & Marketing Partner of the Year
  • 2022 Dynamics 365 Customer Service & Field Service Partner of the Year
  • IDC Marketscape leader for Microsoft Implementation Services and leader for Forrester Wave D365

Industry X Industries

Avanade provides the tools, technology and expertise to help businesses embed Industry X solutions and services for their industry. Here's just a sample of the industries we support.

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