Realize a predictable outcome for your evolving workforce

Avanade WX Advisory Workshop

Traditional merger and acquisition (M&A) transformations are slow, expensive and prone to high failure rates. To avoid this risk, it’s critical to understand the most common dangers along your M&A journey and then develop a modern workplace strategy that protects your people and productivity while optimizing costs.

Check out this brochure to learn how to avoid typical roadblocks and drive value from your Microsoft environment across the M&A lifecycle. After all, technology plays an increasingly significant role in creating value during M&A activities.


Ready to begin your M&A journey?

Register for our 5-day workshop and discover how Avanade’s proven workplace migration roadmap can accelerate your journey to M&A success.


Succeed with your M&A strategy, first time and every time

Discover how to avoid the risks often overlooked in turning a merger & acquisition strategy into a successful integration strategy.


Why your CIO needs a seat at the M&A negotiating table

Learn why technology integration should be a priority early in the M&A process and how it can help drive business strategy, value and growth.

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