How to make digital transformation work for you


Knowing what needs to be done to future-proof your company and being able to execute on those ideas are two different things. Retailers especially are running up against a dizzying array of roadblocks to their best-laid plans. Finding, hiring and retaining employees with the necessary skills and integrating new technology into their existing systems are key areas that are at the top of retailers’ minds, according to our latest research.

This same research points to a well-planned and implemented digital transformation roadmap as a way for retailers to get to future ready.

The results can mean cost savings, increased business growth and improved ROI. But it will take work along three dimensions:

  • Efficiency
  • Experience
  • Innovation

A healthy dose of intelligence needs to be part of the strategy if you want to really accelerate digital transformation across these dimensions.

Avanade will be with you along every step of your transformation journey. We take a holistic, end-to-end approach that combines strategic advice, UX design, AI/analytics, tech implementation, change management, managed services, Accenture’s global retail expertise and Microsoft’s leading-edge solutions.

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