WX Podchat — Episode 1: Moving from technology first to people first

In this opening episode, Paul Beaumont, Avanade’s Global Workplace Advisory Lead, explains what Workplace Experience means by taking us through his career journey and how he has experienced the world of work changing first-hand.

Paul also explains why it is vital now more than ever to take a holistic approach to Workplace Experience and highlights that creating a real proposition for employees and combining cross-functional data are key ingredients for digital change to be successful.

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Sophia Nacef Bio 

Sophia Nacef
Senior Consultant Modern Workplace advisory Avanade

Sophia has a dual focus: people and technology. She brings more than eight years’ experience in the Employee Experience field working in transformation programmes for large UK and global organizations.

Sophia enables digital transformation by maximizing the use of data to inform strategic business decisions. She develops insights to identify pain points and opportunities to design meaningful experience roadmaps, rolling out interventions that land and that last. She’s placing engaging with stakeholders at the core for success by creating stories to take people onboard the change journey.

Sophia takes pride in designing solutions that deliver true business value and make a genuine human impact.


Featured Guest

Paul Beaumont Bio 

Paul Beaumont
Global Workplace Advisory Lead at Avanade

Paul Beaumont is the Global Workplace Advisory Lead at Avanade, and is passionate about bringing together people and technology to create amazing employee experiences, and innovating the way work gets done to improve business performance and help organizations repeatedly renew and grow.

Prior to his current role Paul held several people and technology leadership roles across Europe and APAC, and has experience of working with various geographies, cultures and industries including retail, government, financial services and resources.

Paul lives in Oxfordshire, UK with his partner, two young children and a cockapoo.


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