Ready by Design – Episode 1

What made firms successful in the past is now holding them back – so how do established enterprises respond to an ever-changing competitive marketplace?

Virtually every company is built to address the challenges that exist at the time of its founding. Everything that comes later must be adapted to, and as bolted-on technologies and altered organizational structures start to complicate the original business model it becomes harder to keep up with younger, more agile competitors.

In this, our first podcast in a new series examining the benefits of being ‘Ready by Design’, we explore the fact that when companies are prepared for anything and shaped to evolve, it positions them to create new business models, achieve faster times to market and increase business agility. These companies are positioned to create disruption or react to disruption.

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Eric Miquelon
Executive, Applications and Infrastructure, UK, Avanade

Eric has global responsibility for the growth, market leadership and delivery of offerings in Avanade’s Applications and Infrastructure business, helping to transform businesses everywhere.

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Featured Guests


Liz Herbert
VP, Principle Analyst, Boston, Forrester

Liz focuses on the technology services industry, helping clients navigate this fast-changing market and maximize the business value of their technology investments.

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