Prioritize digital innovation to solve immediate problems

Powered by the cloud, AI technologies like machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and cognitive apps are proving invaluable to address quickly and efficiently many of the challenges healthcare professionals face.

The question now for most healthcare leaders is not if or when to invest in AI. More importantly, it is deciding where to prioritize investments in AI-driven technologies for the greatest immediate value.

3 AI-driven innovations at the top of the list

1. Precision medicine
Enable more precise diagnostics and treatments that will work best for everyone across a diverse population

2. Connected personalized care
Create a better informed, human-centered care experience connecting physicians and their patients for improved care team coordination and better outcomes

3. AI-powered telehealth
Enables physicians to reach patients no matter their location with real-time, rich, data-driven decisions to help increase patient engagement.

Avanade’s Rethink Digital Ethics Report

Many healthcare leaders are thinking more critically about digital health and investing more strategically in artificial intelligence (AI) than ever before. In fact, 80% of healthcare organizations plan to increase their digital investments moving forward.

We’ve developed a data and AI guide to help prioritize digital innovations to solve immediate problems.

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