March 2015

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Employee Stories

How i got started in it: from shoes to SharePoint architect

Posted by Michelle Caldwell on March 24, 2015

Avanade's Michelle Caldwell got started in technology in a very unlikely way, going from selling shoes to SharePoint architect.

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Employee Stories

Embracing opportunities for growth at Avanade

Posted by Julie Madayag on March 13, 2015

As an intern at Avanade, I was given the opportunity to recruit and hire other interns and welcome new hires. 12 years later, I'm still here.

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Career Focus

Q&A with Jessica Twentyman, freelance journalist

Posted by Avanade News on March 12, 2015

Freelance technology journalist Jessica Twentyman weighs in on career advice and the impact our digital world has on women professionals.

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Events & Activities

International Women's Day 2015: make it happen

Posted by Avanade News on March 9, 2015

All around the world, International Women's Day (IWD) represents an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women.

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Women at Avanade

New Avanade program for women: realize your potential

Posted by Avanade News on March 6, 2015

Avanade is proud to have special programs devoted to women in order to build a more gender-balanced organization.

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Events & Activities

Celebrating International Women's Day around the globe at Avanade

Posted by Avanade News on March 4, 2015

Avanade supports and celebrates International Women's Day as the premier global event recognizing the achievements of women.

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