Building on strong foundations, Avanade’s brand is stepping up with clarity and confidence

  • Posted on September 26, 2022
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What is a brand? The word may make you think of a company’s logo or colors, and while that’s part of the story, it’s not the full picture. A brand is how you show up every day, how clients and employees think of you, and the reactions and feelings you inspire. A brand also plays a key role in helping an organization reach its growth goals.

When I joined Avanade as Chief Marketing Officer in early 2022, I saw immediately that the brand had strong foundations. The logo, the imagery, the beloved Avanade orange – it’s all really solid and differentiating. And it is also anchored by a strong brand and culture framework, which includes our purpose, vision, values, and the stories that bring to life who we are and what we do. I saw an opportunity to use these components to be bolder and more confident in how we show up in the market – not with a rebrand, but with an evolution and distillation of the brand that already exists.

This month, we’re launching a new brand campaign along with a visual refresh to begin that evolution. When you think of famous, memorable brand campaigns, they have a tagline – a phrase that is designed to serve as a permanent expression of a company's greater purpose and mission. Our new tagline –  “Do what matters” – underscores that we have a unique ability to help clients navigate change and prioritize what’s important, and that as employees at Avanade, we can all do work that matters.

We are also bringing stories of our clients and people to the front of this campaign, demonstrating the work that we do every day to advance the world and make a genuine human impact. That sentiment is echoed in our new visual identity – using the lines of our logo symbol to depict the story of a journey, continual change, and how we are all advancing the world.

Why now? Avanade leads the market in the Microsoft ecosystem, but it’s a dynamic market – one that is constantly transforming with new competitors emerging almost daily. To sustain our market leader status and seize the possibilities ahead of us, we need to align all parts of our business behind a single idea and execute consistently, with our stories, our visuals and common language. I see this as unique opportunity to be clear about what we stand for and what makes us different – our people, our deep technical expertise and our work as a responsible business.

Avanade is doing some of the most impactful work with the most innovative minds for the biggest clients in the world, and we’re going to bring that to life with much sharper storytelling. And when we bring the power of our nearly 60,000 people to tell that story, that’s when you create something that truly inspires. To be proud of your brand is to be confident in who you are and what you do. And at Avanade, I’m proud to say we do what matters.


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