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Career Adviser Spotlight: Trust from advisees is the most rewarding thing for Louise Walsh

Posted by Louise Walsh on August 18, 2021

Our Career Adviser Spotlight series features Louise Walsh, Marketing Director from London.


Career Adviser Spotlight: For Stan Laufik, advising means always asking if there is something more he could be doing for his advisees

Posted by Stan Laufik on July 26, 2021

Our Career Adviser Spotlight series features Stan Laufik, Architecture Executive and Avanade career adviser of seven years.


What I’ve learnt working as a Security Consultant

Posted by April Reyes on July 6, 2021

April Reyes shares her top lessons learnt from working as a Security Consultant at Avanade.


Career Adviser Spotlight: Miranda Hill encourages her advisees to always be bold and courageous

Posted by Miranda Hill on June 28, 2021

Our Career Adviser Spotlight series continues, featuring Miranda Hill, Avanade's Global Innovation Lead.


Why I want women to feel confident applying for tech roles

Posted by Aga Wiszniewska on June 22, 2021

Aga Wiszniewska, tech recruiter at Avanade, discusses hiring during the pandemic and why she wants women to feel more confident about applying for tech roles.


Love for building things proves ticket to rewarding career

Posted by Luke Manca on June 14, 2021

Want to learn what it's like to work as a software engineer? Check out Luke Manca's story to read about how he built his software engineering career at Avanade!


What Avanade’s growth ambitions mean for my career

Posted by Shikshya Khatiwada and Beatriz (Betty) Martinez on May 10, 2021

Betty Martinez and Shikshya (Six) Khatiwada discuss Avanade's growth and how that has driven Six's career at Avanade.


Technical Leadership Career Path spotlight: Jewel Abeleda

Posted by Jewel Abeleda on April 12, 2021

In the next edition of our Technical Leadership Career Path spotlight series, Jewel Abeleda shares how she got started in tech and her advice to someone wanting to follow a similar career path.


Career Adviser Spotlight: Why Antonio Gatti puts building a trusting relationship with his advisees before all else

Posted by Antonio Gatti on April 5, 2021

In this Career Adviser Spotlight, Antonio Gatti shares why building a personal connection with his advisees helps him help his advisees to be successful.


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