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Women at Avanade

Taking back my power – How one woman’s legacy is inspiring me to build my own

Posted by Shikshya Khatiwada on March 30, 2022

Shikshya Khatiwada shares how she is inspired by Avanade CEO Pamela Maynard to write her own story and build her own legacy.



Why I’m paying it forward

Posted by Chuy Cazares on July 13, 2021

Chuy Cazares reflects on giving back and paying it forward to the next generation of leaders at Avanade.


Employee Stories

An interview with Avanade alum Kevin Dana

Posted by Avanade News on May 4, 2020

Avanade News catches up with former Avanade IT leader Kevin Dana to get some career advice and learn what he's doing now.


Career Focus

True or false: Executives get fancy offices

Posted by Stella Goulet on March 11, 2020

Stella Goulet shares her experiences and busts a common myth about being an executive.


Corporate Citizenship

Young entrepreneurs cook up the future with digital innovation

Posted by Heba Ramzy on July 18, 2018

Team ‘Cook Me Up’ wins Avanade Digital Innovation Award at JA Europe Enterprise Challenge in Riga, Latvia.


Women at Avanade

When we all Press for Progress, we all win

Posted by Avanade News on March 29, 2018

At Avanade, we keep gender parity and inclusion at the core of our business 365 days a year using these 7 guiding principles.


Avanade Spotlight

Stephen Buckman of ACS believes digital is all about people

Posted by Adam Warby on March 28, 2018

In this episode of On the Move with Adam Warby, Adam and Stephen Buckman take to the high seas to discuss hot topics in artificial intelligence and dangerous animals Down Under.


Avanade Spotlight

Owning the digital vortex: leading in times of change

Posted by Avanade News on August 25, 2017

Adapt and evolve, or resist and perish says Avanade's Toni Handler. Make digital transformation a priority in your business. Ready to come out on top?


Avanade Spotlight

On the Move with Adam Warby: behind the scenes

Posted by Madeline Deegan on May 16, 2017

Picture this: it's a cold, rainy November day in London. Hard to believe, right? In the weeks leading up to the November 9th filming of “On the Move with Adam Warby” it had been 65 degrees and sunny. And on our shoot day? 40 and rainy. Just our luck. Our plans of filming five episodes of On the Move atop a double decker bus in downtown...


Avanade Spotlight

Adam Warby on the move with Steve Hughes

Posted by Avanade News on April 18, 2017

Next stop - cloud? Aspect CEO takes a ride on a London double decker bus to weigh in on the impact of the cloud, running a meritocracy and doing what you love Digitization and cloud-based technology platforms have enabled companies to move more quickly than ever before, but for Aspect President and CEO Steve Hughes, a successful cloud transforma...


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