Achieving what matters

Retail employees at Northern Tool + Equipment’s (NTE) 140 stores can now access product information from anywhere on the sales floor to better serve customers. By empowering the team with the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail and Microsoft’s intelligent order management solution, NTE has laid the foundation to take advantage of new cloud technologies, including AI and machine learning. Taking care of its employees and customers means the company can remain competitive in the evolving retail market.

"Our team members love the fact that they can stay out on the sales floor and work with their customers every day without having to go off stage to do tasks and things to keep the business running."

Steve Spears VP, Retail Sales, Northern Tool

Inspiring change

NTE is about quality tools – such as table saws, pressure washers and more – for serious work. The retailer is looking to grow by 150 stores and expand its online presence in the next five years to help compete with bigger players in the industry. Its employees are its biggest advantage, a passionate team that knows the products and can help customers find what they need for their toughest jobs.

NTE leaders know the best way to provide a better experience for clients is to give employees modern ways of working, and partnered with us for a solution.

Driving innovation

Together, we implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail and Microsoft’s intelligent order management solution. By bringing the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud into the store to serve customers from anywhere, employees can look up products and compare them to other models on the fly. This cloud transformation allows NTE to remain flexible while seeing a significant IT cost savings. And because Microsoft’s Cloud for Retail solution is constantly evolving, the company is positioned to meet the AI-powered future of retail head on.

Learn how to thrive in retail’s AI-first era.

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